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database of cool

database of cool

this website is an entity of its own. i do not control it.



he is our mascot. we are a collective being like a siphonophore. just kidding its just me. excep im a siphonophore. lolz hahah.

hey hey ehye heyh hey hey the website is popularrrr theres like 200 people that have seen it

the website will start to look better later i have to plan some stuff out.thank you/

also this place is family friendly. im a little crazy but it's family friendly. i talk about biology in fish and undersea creatures but its nothing too bad. but at the same time its neocities so i dont think anyone cares. some of the pop culture stuff i like isnt always for kids but what I talk about isnt anything bad, the bad stuff would be in the shows themselves. i am overexplaining myself thank u bye bye

fun fact i also have 2 other websites. they will be in the website directory directory page. but i will not tell you

thank u neocities!!!